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Other features of PARIS water dispenser:

  • Comes with a separate container for filtered water
  • Easy connection do raw water outlet
  • Reduces TDS
  • Minimises total hardness
  • Improves taste and smell of water



Healthy water at the office, hotel or public space.

To stay healthy and hydrated during the day, an easy access to water is essential.

Water dispensers are a neat way of serving water at the office, a waiting room or a public space.

Equipped with water filtartion systems, they supply tasty, healthy water right away.

PARIS water dispenser by Bluefilters provides hot, cold and soda water. It is small and compact, can be placed on the countertop.


Water flow
0,18 l /min
Working temperature
4 - 38 oC
Working pressure
<3 bar
Water tank
4 l
430 x 244 x 415 mm

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