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GASTRO 9.0 water filter with three cartridges with polyphosphate and pressed active carbon. The filter system is equipped with valves for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Polyphosphate and mechanical filtration
  • Increases TDS
  • Does not change the total hardness
  • Improves taste and smell of water

Equipped with a bracket for easy installation on the wall and in limited space.



A perfect icecube

How GASTRO 9.0 filter helps you get a perfect icecube?

Step 1: It makes the water perfectly transparent by removing mechanical impurities bigger than 20 μm.

Step 2: It removes chlorine and its derivatives, which negatively affect the taste and smell of water.

Step 3: It neutralizes calcium carbonate, which is responsible for water cloudiness and scale deposits.

This way, GASTRO 9.0 will deliver diamond-clear filtered water. Use it for making icecubes that will elevate your drinks, making them luxurious but classy.


Water flow
2,2 l /min
Working pressure
2 - 6 bar
Working temperature
4 - 38 oC
Maximum TDS
500 ppm
Period of operation
90 000 l / 12 months
340 x 340 x 90 mm
Pcs per carton
Pcs per pallet

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