Clean restaurant kitchen interior.

Why choose Bluefilters water filters for HoReCa?

Bluefilters water filters for HoReCa solve two issues –  poor taste of drinks and high costs of equipment downtime and maintenance.

Advanced water filtration system – as New Line by Bluefilters Professional – quickly and effectively improves water quality.

Depending on the filter technology, it simply removes or lowers the level of elements responsible for cloudy, bad-tasting water and limescale deposit on glasses, brewing equipment and washing machines.

Pamper your guests by serving excellent food and drinks prepared with high-quality filtered water, by Bluefilters Professional.

Coffe brewing with coffee machine.

Bring hospitality to another level with professional water filters

Hospitaity manifests itself in many ways, and what tends to stay in our memory forever are the moments spent over a good coffee and delicious food.

Whether you run a coffee shop, a fine dining restaurant, a catering service or a vending business, high-quality water is what elevates the taste of your meals and drinks in a tangible manner. Coffee and tea develop full aroma, baked goods become crisp and fragrant, and steamed veggies stay flavourful, save their colour and nutriens.

Properly treated water is, without the doubt, the secret helper of HoReCa sector. Along with great flavour, professional water filters – such as Bluefilters New Line – also prolong the lifetime of brewing and washing machines by minimising limescale deposit.

With easy maintenace comes easy operariton of the New Line water filters. The patented design makes them easy to install and replace, without any professional help.

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