A smiling woman holding ther hands together, cathing a stream of water.

Do salon water filters really make the difference?

They do, and here is why. Salon water filters effectively remove substances that worsen scalp and hair condition, such as calcium, magnesium and chlorine. Once they are neutralised, you can say goodbye to matt, frizzy hair, dry skin, and say hello to beautiful hair and a happy customer.

Additional benefit that comes from using salon water filters is reduced limescale deposit on the shampoo bowl and the showerhead. Less residue means less time spent on cleaning and lower costs of equipment maintenance.

You will also apply far less hair products when using softened water. With the same amount of cosmetics you can serve more customers and have much better treatment results. The shampoo and conditioner will clense and nourish the hair more effectively, making the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair structure.

Hair washing in a beauty saloon.

Hair salon water filter –
only pros, no cons.

Bluefilters Professional Hair Expert salon water filter is a win-win solution, as it benefits both the hair salon owner and the customer.

Customer satisfaction is what pays the bills in the beauty business, so the effect of the appointment with hair stylist must be instant and lasting.

Hair Expert salon water filter delivers longterm results right away. It is also economically efficent, as it can treat water for up to 6 month.

When it comes to fitting up the Hair Expert salon water filter in your beauty parlour, you won’t spend any money on professional installer nor a cabinet to store and hide the water filter.

Bluefilters Professional Hair Expert salon water filter is a small, handy tube in the size of a regular smartphone. The installation is quick and fuss-free, too. You simply install it at the end of the showerhead hose. It will stay hidden from the customers’ sight, but they will know it’s there by better water quality and shiny hair.

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