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BlueSoft+ medium is designed to protect the device against limescale and to provide intense coffee flavour by keeping the essential minerals in the water.

This filtration medium does not change the chemical composition of filtered water. It transforms calcium compounds into small crystals, easy to remove from heating elements and nozzles.

After being filtered with Bluesoft+, the overall hardness of filtered water is unchanged, but the ionic composition of water alters, as calcium crystals cannot be detected by standard chemical tests.

The BlueSoft+ medium will effectively filter water for approximately 5 years.



Protects heating elements
from limescale.

Bluesoft+ neutralizes minerals responsible for scale formation. This way all crucial water paths and nozzles in the coffee machine are safe and will last longer.


Keeps essential minerals in water.

When filtered with Bluesoft+, water still retains calcium and magnesium salts essential for brewing tasty hot drinks, such as coffee or tea.

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