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MOCHA water filtration system consists of a carbon pre-filter, three BlueSoft+ cartridges and a heavy-duty mechanical water filter. The filter cartridges don’t need to be regenerated, one can simply replace them with new ones thanks to patented quick-change fastening.

  • 5-stage filtration technology
  • Does not change TDS
  • Does not change the total hardness
  • Improves taste and smell of water


How bluesoft+ medium works.

Bluesoft+ medium:
intense coffee flavour and no limescale

The unique filter solution using the Bluesoft + bed is designed to protect the device against limescale and at the same time provide intense coffee flavor. Bluesoft+ medium does not change the chemical composition of filtered water but transforms large crystals of calcium compounds into smaller ones that are not deposited on heating surfaces, making them easy to remove.

Theoverall hardness of raw and filtered water is the same, while the ionic composition of water changes, which after filtration shows higher values of magnesium ion content than raw water.


Water flow
1,7 l /min
Working pressure
2 - 6 bar
Working temperature
4 - 38 oC
Maximum TDS
600 ppm
Period of operation
11 000 l / 6 months
340 x 320 x 90 mm
Pcs per carton
Pcs per pallet

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