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Thanks to the double resin tank, NEMO provides constant access to soft water, especially during regeneration. It is small enough to fit under the sink.

  • Ion exchange technology
  • Double resin tank
  • Includes bypass
  • Does not change TDS
  • Reduces total hardness

Soft water regeneration follows three stages: back-washing, slow salt absorption washing and forward washing. The entire process is conducted with the use of soft water. The regeneration can be set in flow mode or delayed mode.



Softeners dedicated for dishwashers

Use of high quality ion exchange resin in modern valves
(based on rotary ceramic discs), ensures perfect treatment of water by reducing its hardness to the required level (by removing calcium and magnesium ions and replacing them with neutral sodium ions). These compact and elegant softeners offer various functionalities and are adaptable to every need and application.


Nominal water flow
0,5 m3/h
Resin volume
2 x 3,5 l
Amount of softened water between regenerations (for 10dH)
1,0 m3
Salt used for regeneration
0,5 kg
Water used for regeneration
70 l
Working temperature
4 - 38 oC
Working pressure
2 - 6 bar
Maximum TDS
600 ppm
462 x 465 x 263 mm
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