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Ultrafiltration is a mechanical filter that works like a sieve. The membrane is covered with holes fine enough to stop particles above 0.1 μm from getting into the water. To make the ultrafiltration membrane even more effective, and to protect it from damage, we recommend passing the water through a yarn or spun mechanical filter first.

Ultrafiltration membrane does not need any maintenance or regeneration. Applying mechanical filters before the ultrafiltration stage helps to prolong the membrane’s lifespan.




No wastewater = money saved.

With ultrafiltration, no wastewater is produced during the filtration process. Hence, it is a sustainable way to treat water  both for the environment and your wallet.


Keeps water taste optimal for coffee and drinks.

Ultrafiltration retaines balanced composition of salts and minerals, giving you the purest and best-tasting water for your brewes.

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